Can I move the Program Data files? C-drive almost full

My OS is installed on an SSD C-drive with only 100gb. When I installed Cubase Elements a few days ago, I tried to put everything on my 1tb D-drive. All the projects seem to be where I pointed to, but I now realize that the folder C/Program Data/Steinberg is over 16gb and my C-drive is almost full. I don’t remember being asked to select where to put that data, but it is there now.
Qt. 1: Is it possible to somehow move all the data from the C-drive without messing up the program and projects?

If it isn’t possible, I could uninstall and reinstall everything since I would only lose a day or two of work. But I still don’t know to make sure that the C/Program Data/Steinberg folder ends up on my D-drive instead.
Qt.2 Is it possible to install the whole program on the D-drive, ie a drive that does not contain the OS? (if so, could someone give me instructions on how to do that?)
Complete Cubase newb, running Windows 10.