Can I move the Program Data files? C-drive almost full

My OS is installed on an SSD C-drive with only 100gb. When I installed Cubase Elements a few days ago, I tried to put everything on my 1tb D-drive. All the projects seem to be where I pointed to, but I now realize that the folder C/Program Data/Steinberg is over 16gb and my C-drive is almost full. I don’t remember being asked to select where to put that data, but it is there now.
Qt. 1: Is it possible to somehow move all the data from the C-drive without messing up the program and projects?

If it isn’t possible, I could uninstall and reinstall everything since I would only lose a day or two of work. But I still don’t know to make sure that the C/Program Data/Steinberg folder ends up on my D-drive instead.
Qt.2 Is it possible to install the whole program on the D-drive, ie a drive that does not contain the OS? (if so, could someone give me instructions on how to do that?)

Complete Cubase newb, running Windows 10.

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  1. I would recommend to make an alias on your C drive and move the source to the D drive.

  2. Yes, it is possible, but officially not supported. It might happen, you would have an issues with updates later on.

As martin sais. Which means in effect that this strategy is not a sound solution for your future (with updates).

I recommend you migrate your system disc to a bigger one. 256 gb SSDs are cheap these days. I did the same - migrating with a system image with the help of acronis true image (there are other solutions as well).

HTH, Ernst

Well not entirely true. The big files are sounds and they can be put anywhere you want. But it is easy to make a mess of it manually. If you open library manager (should be installed with 10.5). It takes a while to scan everything and then the the move option is available per library. You can use that to move all or only the biggest files.
At the top there are tabs for different plugins, have a look at all!

Thank you, vinark - for the addition!

YOu are of course right… the libraries can be used without any problems if done properly. The library manager helps to accomplish this.

I still recommend to get a bigger system disk - 100gb is indeed small and ssds are really cheap. I did a migration of that type recently without any problems.

Of course the bigger the better, but sometimes it is what it is…

Not being a PC guy, I have often wondered about Program Data files, and Googling this seems to get a bit technical.

First of all I’m on C10.5pro and as you can see with the attachment, my Steinberg is only 19.7MB. I’ll assume it’s how I work as opposed to you, or file location, however I’m wondering what causes the difference between 16gigs and my 19.7MB? Anyone else care to share their Steinberg size?

For me, and for years, Arturia has always been the largest…almost 10 gigs which I think its too much but Arturia told me is “normal.” I have Arturia V Collection 5 plus 5 add-ons. Analog Lab followed by Synclavier take the most. Could anyone else based on their Arturia collection confirm?

Nice to see due to my “dongle” UAD doesn’t even exist here.

Same here I undersized my initial system disk and had to clone it onto a larger disc. I used the Free EaseUS Todo Backup to make the clone.

I used the M-Link option a few years ago, a windows method , please google.
It makes a virtual link of a folder and after that you can move the entire content to another disk.
I did this with the cubase vst sound content folder and also with the complete arturia installationwhich is i deed about 7 gb’s.
Once you’ve googled how this is done it works great.
And no problems with cubase future updates, because cubase still sees the original folders on you c drive, but they are now only links to the other drive.
I do have a large 500gb ssd drive for C, but i do not want to be it any bigger than necessary, because i weekly make systemcopies and the bigger the C the longer it takes to make those and the larger the backupfile will be.

But there really isn’t a need to do this anymore since the introduction of the Library Manager. While on initial release there was some Steinberg content it couldn’t relocate, it handles everything now as far as I can tell.

My Arturia folder is 12.2GB. I started off with 128GB SSD then upgraded to 256 then upgraded again to 512GB of which I have 10% free now. That’s actually because I haven’t bothered to move any of the Steinberg content from it’s default folder - nor have I moved anything else either (e.g. 60Gigs for Omnisphere). I generally decided to upgrade disk space rather than fight (or use my time) with moving manufacturer’s content (too many manufacturers, too little time!). If the installer gives me an option then I put the files on a 2TB HDD otherwise they go where they go. It’s been pleasant not having to worry about C drive disk space :slight_smile:


Thanks for the information. That is close to mine. Not knowing how or what program data really is, I thought 10gb might be too much, especially compared to Native Instruments and Steinberg, but I guess not.

I’m not sure why the original posters is showing 16gb of program data when mine only shows 19.7MB. However I keep my content on another drive and use the Steinberg Library Manager.