can i open a project recorded in cubase 8 in cubase 7?

i have a client coming into my studio to just record the drums for his upcoming release. the issue is he is running cubase 7 and i am running cubase 8 in the studio…will he be able to open the (cubase 8)project at his studio(cubase 7)?

thanks in advance :question:

Hi and welcome,

It’s not officially supported. But the file format didn’t change. So in theory, yes, you can do so.

Just be careful, and don’t use any function, which is not available in Cubase 7, in your Cubase 8.

Thank you martin…that was the answer i was hoping for but before i agreed to the project i thought i better throw the question out there

It is supported, why should Steinberg publish it if it was not supported?
(read all the remarks down to the bottom of the document)

Watch the remarks in Cubase 8.5 version history document (“known issues”), there’s additional hints for all 8.x versions when it will not work in 7.x:
(search for 13779)

When opening projects in older versions, you should know exactly all the feature differences and logically avoid these. If you use for example Magneto in the channel strip in 8.x, it will open correctly in 7.5.x, but not in 7.x (because it wasn’t available then). Same is valid for any renovated / added plugins.

Other way around: If you avoid internal plugins, any usage of the channel strip, VCA automation and Track Versions, Cubase 8.x projects should open fine in any older version.

But as you can run any older version with your new license, it makes much more sense to get the old install dvd and install the older version on your computer, too. Different version can exist in parallel on the same PC/Mac. Ask support if you need an ISO file, they’ll help you.

Oh, you are right, nice.