Can I Open an N6 project with N5.5?

Okay, I mean I know that I can open it, but what I really mean is, can I open an N6 project with N5.5 and not lose anything? In times past, when you tried to open say an N5 project with N3, you’d lose panning, volumes, plugins - almost everything. The only thing you’d get to keep were the audio files.

I just tried opening an N6 project with N5.5 and surprisingly it seems that everything is there!

The reason that I ask is because there are certain plugins (older dx ones that I use a vst wrapper for) that 5.5 will let work but N6 won’t. If I could fly back and forth on a project between the two programs, that would be awesome indeed!

Thanks in advance,

You can always (or mostly) open any newer project in an older version, but you’ll always lose the stuff that isn’t in the older version. In the case of N6 => N5.5 that would be Loudness track, Iosono panner, filters,etc … And most importantly, you will lose your EQ settings, 'cause N6 has a new EQ.


Really?? What is new in new EQ?

The EQ needed a redisign for technical reasons.


Is that a change from previous versions? You certainly couldn’t open an N5 project with N4, and this was a deliberate change, because it worked with N3.


I don’t think that is correct, 'cause I have opened a fair deal of N5.x projects into N4.
That was when I needed Virtual Katy …