Can I open and edit Cubase 9.5 Project in V.8?

I am working on a Project in Cubase Pro v. 9.5

Can I open and work on that project on another computer that is running Cubase V.8?

Thanks for any info. :smiley:

Yes, certainly something I’ve done in the past.

There are occasional reports of it not working and obviously any newly introduced features will be missing (I think you get a warning on opening). I can’t remember if that means if when you move back to 9.5 again you loose any 9.5 specific bits as a result of having saved it in the earlier version. To be on the safe side always rename as a copy when saving in the older version. Then at least at worst you have all your old work and just import the bits that were recorded in the older version back into the 9.5 original.

Last I checked (8.5 to 9.0 I think) the Project retained the new stuff even when saving in an older version that did not support the new stuff. That said, yeah make & work on copies.