Can I open Cubase 7 files with Cubase Elements 7.06?


Does anyone know if can I open Cubase 7 files with Cubase Elements 7.06?. I know that
I won’t have access to all of the extras in Cubase 7 or 7.5, but I just need to be able to open simple files,
listen and record a track or two, then send them back. I will not be doing any mixing, just an overdub here and there. I hope that this is possible.

Thanks in advance for any help!! :smiley:


Yes you can, I do it all the time, some things like the stretch algorithms changes but if you are just doing simple thins it’s ok

One interesting question is, what happen to the file when you open the file in Element, save it and reopen it in the full Cubase? I read somewhere that in ProTools, the higher versions “feature” settings are retained, but you can access them in the lower version, of cause. They are still there when the file is opened in the higher version though.

I’ve heard that in Cubase, these higher versions settings are wiped during the trip. Is this true?

Haven’t tested it, but I could’nt believe that. Cause the program versions are the same. Just the licenses are different.

That’s not entirely accurate. What will happen if I save a project in Cubase (containing 58 audio tracks), re-save it in Cubase Elements (which is limited to 48 tracks) and then open it again in Cubase?

Will the 10 “extra” audio tracks (and their settings) that CBE can’t handle still be there?
Are settings for features that are lacking in CBE (Control Room, TrackVersions, VariAudio, etc.) be retained?
Will VST/VSTi plugins (and there settings) that are absent on the second computer be retained?

I believe the answer to these questions are yes, when it comes to ProTools. I’m sure Avid sells quite a lot of copies if the LE (or whatever they’re called these days) vesin, as give-aways to collaborators.

It’s very interesting to learn how Cubase handles these issues. I could very well consider buying give-away copies of CBE to people I collaborate with. Giving away full licenses is another kettle of fish entirely. Forget it.


Settings that are not project related (like control room) probably not, VariAudio and track versions - yes

Depends on the Plugins.