Can I open my Cubase LE projects with Cubase 7?


For years (since 2007), I have been using Cubase LE (Version 1.0.10 Build 110), which was bundled with my original Focusrite Saffire interface, on a PC. I only track vocals so I haven’t felt the need for anything more sophisticated.

However, it is now high time for an upgrade and I’m looking at Cubase Artist 7.5 running on a new iMac.

I don’t imagine that there is any kind of upgrade path after all this time, but what I would like to know is: what are the chances of my being able to open or import the thousands of projects that were created on the old setup – bearing in mind that I am crossing platforms?

I also have an ununistalled/unregistered Cubase LE 4 DVD (bundled with another interface) and a USB elicencer.


I recommend you use your Cubase LE4 program to open your Cubase LE 1 projects, save them as Cubase LE4 projects, and then open those Cubase LE4 projects inside of Cubase Artist 7.5.

Please note that you will be going across more than 10 years of software changes so some plugin replacement and re-arranging may be necessary.



Thanks for your help, Joshua.

So, just to make sure that I’ve got it straight: you would recommend that I install LE4 on my current (PC) setup, rather than on the iMac (which I have yet to purchase)?

Thanks again.


I see that my query has been moved to “Older Cubase Versions”.

Seems a little odd – as my question was regarding Cubase Artist 7.5’s ability to open my existing projects, thus a legitimate “Presales” topic, I would have thought.

But, hey ho…

The Cubase LE4 program can be installed onto a single computer at a time and you are then able to reactivate the program when you move to a new computer, as long as it has a supported operating system version for the program.

OK, thanks.