Can I Open Nuendo Project In Cubase?

Let’s imagine the following scenario:

I create a new project in Nuendo 11, record some audio, and want to hand-over this project to my collaborator who does audio cuts. But he uses Cubase 9. Is this possible?

If yes, I would then take this Cubase 9 project and open it back in my Nuendo 11 where I finish work.

Would be that workflow possible?

yes it’s possible

Yes you can, but bear in mind that some v11 features may be lost when opening in older versions. As long as you are aware not to use any of the newer features it should be fine.

You could always try a quick test with your collaborator to see how smoothly it goes.

Thank you for your reply. A few questions there. I am not sure if it’s clear what I am trying to say so I just want to check: by saying “some v11 features may be lost when opening in older versions” did you mean:

a.) Some Nuendo 11 features may be lost when opening in an older Nuendo version ?

  • or -

b.) Some Nuendo 11 features may be lost when opening in an older Cubase version ?

Because, I am talking about “record audio into Nuendo, save it, open this Nuendo project in Cubase, do some audio cut work, save it, open back in Nuendo” scenario.

It is clear to me that if I work on project in Cubase 11, I can open it with let’s say Cubase 9.5 version as long as I don’t use features that are not available in the 9.5 version. I am also aware that this concept applies to the Nuendo too. And I understand that I can’t use features in Cubase that are available only in Nuendo.

So, I just want to highlight that I want to work in Nuendo 11, but my collaborator still needs to do audio cuts in Cubase Elements 9.5. And I want to avoid the “stems exporting and importing” type of work.

I would like to do a quick test, but I currently own only Cubase Pro 11 and I am thinking about a crossgrade to Nuendo 11. I also have a lot of open projects created with Cubase and I need to be able to continue to work on them in Nuendo 11. That’s why I introduced this specific scenario.

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

If you are doing basic Audio / MIDI you should be OK.

There are some obviously new features in the later version of Cubase / Nuendo that will not work in older versions. Also there are the odd few things that exist in Nuendo that don’t exist in Cubase. And vice versa.

You should check for features that won’t work in Elements if that is part of the equation too…

There is a list of those here:

Compare the versions of Cubase | Steinberg

But that is version 11.

Ultimately you will really need find a way to test that it works for exactly what you need.

Oh here is a feature comparison for Nuendo / Cubase. This also may help:

Compare Nuendo and Cubase | Steinberg

The later versions will simply ignore features in the project file that are not supported by that version.

I don’t remember when project cross compatibility was introduced to Nuendo and Cubase. But I think it was with Cubase 8…

If you are using features that are supported by all versions then there should be no problem.

Of course the features will be ignored. That’s not my point.

You would not want to use a feature and then find it is lost due to re-saving with an older version.

so what is your point?
we told Dorien already that his idea is possible