Can I put my Cubase Elements 8 in my new computer?

Hi guys!! I want to buy a new desktop computer for my music’s production projects (I think will bee this, what do you think about it ? 16 gb of RAM and a Intel 5-6 First and most important question: there is a way to put my cubase elements 8 in my computer without buying it again ?
I’m Italian so my english level it’s not high if you start to talk with technicality and I’m new in the world of music production :slight_smile:
I have got the Cubase AI cd install too.They give it to me with my steinberg UR 12 sound card. What do you think about this sotfware? If I’m going to install Cubase AI into the new PC, can I transfer all my music’s projects (that I recorded with Elements) from the old one to the new computer if I’m going to install into them CUBASE AI?

Ciao! :slight_smile:

You can download Elements full installer from your MySteinberg account and re-activate the license on the new computer with the instructions on the link.

There would be no point installing AI…it’s a lesser version and as soon as you activate Elements license then only Elements will open on that computer (They use the same install, only the license is different)

Hi thank you Grim, but I knew this web site page and I tried to follow the instructions but I have a problem with point 5 :

  1. “Click on the big red [Reactivate] button at the top.
    A list of all registered licenses that can be reactivated appears.
    Select the Soft-eLicenser containing the license to be reactivated.”

When I click to the reactivation button: there is no names in the list
and when happens this the list says: “If you cannot find the license you need to reactivate please click on the button [Register eLicenser / Software] on the top left, to register your software.
Among others, you can apply the already used activation code for registering a license”

What is my problem ? My problem is that when I try to register the software and I put the code they say me that
“the eLicenser assigned to this Activation Code is deprecated”

WAF ? D: what does it means?

Anyone else? pleaseee D: