Can I Re download Cubase 7 Elements once I've bought it?

Hello everyone. I wanted to know if I would be able to re download Cubase 7 elements once I bought it.
I wanted to know just in case I bought a new computer/laptop or If I had some problems on my current Laptop and needed to re download the software.

Thank you, ThePeculiarOne.

Yes. If there’s ever any difficulty you can always contact Steinberg support (here is just a user forum) and they will help you out. It’s also possible as an option to purchase an empty USB eLicenser (a “dongle”) and on a once-off basis transfer the license from the laptop (the “soft eLicenser”) to the USB eLicenser. The advantage of doing that is that you can load Cubase Elements 7 onto as many machines as you wish (both Mac and PC) although it will only run on the machine with the USB eLicenser connected. The disadvantage is that you can’t transfer it the other way (back onto a specific machine as an eLicenser) combined with the fact that you have to have this big blue USB stick hanging out of your laptop – and they can and do get stolen.

Of course, it is also possible to save a copy of the installer file either on an external drive, a DVD, or a cloud. That way, Steinberg doesn’t have to act as a cloud service and you wouldn’t have to wait on them to respond.

… and in this particular case (Cubase Elements 7), I’m fairly sure that if you download and install the trial, once you activate your licence you have the full product.

Though this might be a problem, when Elements 8 is out…

Maybe because I’m old-school, but I always keep archive copies of all purchased downloads – or maybe I’m just paranoid? Either way, doing that has paid off a couple of times.

I´m also old school in this regard nothing simpler and safer than keeping a backup. But the cloud-thing seems to be cooler nowadays…

I’m so old-school I really don’t trust the cloud … topping up the diesel generator here now as we speak.

Thank you all for your comments.