Can i record one track to another in real time?

Because of the bugs in iZotope automation not being rendered, I am trying to figure out the best way to record the output of a single track in real time. At this point I am using a marker track with loop markers and exporting the soloed track and importing that in to the pool.

But is there a way to route the output of a channel into the input of another chanel so it can be recorded?

I just saw on another forum post someone saying send Audio track->group->new track.

I thought I had tried that but didn’t see the group available as an input. Of course I’m not at my studio now so I don’t have my damn dongle to just test this out…

  1. In VST connections make a new stereo output called DUMMY.
  2. Disable the physical routing of this dummy output.
  3. Create a new audio track in your project and choose DUMMY as input source.
  4. Route your other track (the one you want recorded) to DUMMY instead of stereo out.
  5. Enable record on the new empty track… as you playback, the output of your recorded track will now print itself onto the new track along with any inserts/ send routing.

I just grabbed my dongle.

You don’t need to do anything in VST Connections…just create a Group track, send the tracks that you want to resample into the group track, create an audio track and set the group track as the input to that track and record.


Ah good… will try this approach next time…

Both work, the phantom bus I personally find the more elegant solution.
If you create both a Dummy stereo and mono bus, you can also reuse them for Render In Place.
(When you want to RIP to mono) and you only have to create them once, since they are global.

Makes sense. I could see how it would be nice to just have that “ghost bus” ready to go at all times.

Yeah I have those ‘phantom busses’ as you call them in my template projects. I don’t use them all that often but I’m always glad they’re already there when I need them. I thought I’d come here and offer a novel solution. Lo and behold, everyone knows this trick.

You don’t need to create a dummy output or a phantom bus if you don’t want to. The alternative is to do the whole thing directly in the mixer as follows:

  • add a new audio track
  • in the routing for the new track de-activate ‘stereo out’ output routing
  • select ‘Outputs - Stereo Out’ in the input routing
  • solo the track(s) you need to record
  • record on the new audio track

Lots of ways to skin a cat :slight_smile:
The reason we have to jump through some hoops, is that Cubase does not allow feedback loops to be created.
If you have that in mind, it is easier to understand why, come up with alternatives.
Kind of wish there was a preference setting to allow feedback loops, it should probably come with a huge warning message or two.

I suppose blood gushing out of your ears would qualify as a warning. :astonished:

IS this only possible in pro? I don’t see any of the “outputs” as inputs when i to to choose inputs on my audio tracks I’m running artist 10 Thanks.


Stingray… replying to such an old post, I know. I would love to do what you’re describing here but the Outputs - Stereo Out isn’t available as a track input. (even after I deactivate the track output)

Can you confirm you’ve done this? Any idea what I’m doing wrong?


I also don’t see the option to select Stereo Out as an input. I’m in 11 pro.

@Kearley @dylanguitar, you need to create a secondary stereo output bus. Name it as you wish. Leave the outputs as “Not Connected”.

Select this as the output of the track you wish to record.

On the track you wish to record to, select your new “not connected” output as the input.

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Thanks for this! I guess I’ve done something similar… I just have a dummy Group track that I use in the same way.

I was hoping that there was a way to route the actual stereo output in a similar way. (so I could easily capture everything I hear… master processing, returns, etc.)

Yes, I’ve done this. It could be you are using an older version of Cubase. What version of Cubase are you using? It should be as stated above but let me outline this in a slightly different way:

  • add a new audio track
  • in the output routing menu for the new track click on ‘stereo out’ and select ‘no bus’
  • in the input routing menu select ‘Outputs - Stereo Out’
  • solo the track(s) you need to record
  • record on the new audio track

I’m using Cubase 11. (I haven’t installed the most recent update tho)

The only way I’ve made this work is by creating a loopback bus. I can see this bus as an input… so I route everything thru this and capture it this way.
I’m going to try your exact steps when I get home… I’d love to just be able to do it just as you describe.

Ok I don’t have ‘Outputs - Stereo Out’ as an available input. Are you using the Control Room?