Can I record the sound on YouTube in real time on Cubase?

Can I record the sound on YouTube in real time on Cubase 10?

The audio interface is Babyface Pro.

loopback and digital routing
+or in a different way,
I’ve been told, “You just have to connect the lines and get the sound.”

I don’t know what this means…
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Please link me if you have any answers or any comments on how to do this!
Thank you!
( I am not very good at English, please a detailed explanation. Thank you, And have a nice day ! )

With an RME interface, you can.

  • Set an output, of your choice, to “loopback”.
  • The corresponding input channel, now gets the outputsignal from the loopbacked outputchannel.
  • Make sure that the software-playback channel is routed to the output loopback channel.

For instance:

If you loopback Output 1/2 the loopback signal will get send back to Input 1/2.
If you loopback Output 5/6 the loopback signal will get send back to Input 5/6.
And so on…

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thank you, Rhino !
Generally, how to use a downloader or converter makes sound quality bad. The stereo image of the sound also gets worse.
So I wanted to capture the sound I heard on YouTube as it was.

But I would like to thank you for your kindness and tip.
Have a great day!

Hi there

There is a program called “synchronous audio router” which I use on my stage laptop for routing windows audio into Cubase. It’s a bit fiddly to set up but works seamlessly once it’s done

Best Regards, Dave

Agree, why record the streaming? A lot of tools let you download the original file. You will not get a better result when recording with higher resolution a file which was uploaded with less.

I am using btw. “Downie” for such. Its not free, but in my experience the best, though I mostly really use it for video downloads from several sources.

Oh, Lovely friends.
Thanks for yours advice again without giving up.
The converter site I used was not good.
I’ll use the downloader as recommended by you.
I didn’t know there was a downloader looking for the exact original file.

Thanks again for all yours kindness. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: