Can I remap middle pedal to act as right pedal in standalone (or Cubase)?

I’ve had to replace my midi keyboard and the new one’s handling of right pedal is not working correctly yet. (It does not send any cc data when I press the right pedal.) I’m working with the support staff to resolve that, but in the mean time, could I configure the Grand 3 ( on Mac OS) to use middle sostenuto pedal (CC66) as right sustain pedal (CC64)? I’m mainly using it as a digital piano so stand-alone app would be best, but I got Cubase 9.5 pro too if it can’t be done in stand-alone.


PS. No need to discuss the midi keyboard problem here - only if and how one could use middle (or left) pedal for sustain pedal.

I found the answer myself for solving it under Cubase. So I’m documenting it here in case someone else needs this.
Just add a midi insert channel and load it with the “Transformer” plugin.
As filter target in the upper half add two conditions: “type is equal Controller and” “Value 1 equal 66”.
As Action target add “Value 1 set fixed value CC 64 (Sustain)”.

If someone knows a way to achieve this in stand-alone mode, I’d still be interested to know