Can I rename the different inserts of EZMix plugin in Cubase 12?

Hi there,

When in Cubase 12, if I have 3 different inserts of EZMix on one track, they all have the same name. This is obviously very confusing. Therefore my question, can the inserts be ‘renamed’ so the can be recognized much instantly?

I have asked Toontrack and got this response:
If you are using EZmix 2 in a DAW then it is the DAW that would allow you to change the insert name. EZmix 2 is not designed in a way that allow you to easily change the way it appears in the DAW, nor can any presets in the software be renamed.

When asked on the Toontrack forum I got the info that in Reaper DAW it can be renamed.

Any of you know if this is possible and how to do so?

EZmix version: 2.2.4
Operating system: Windows 11


Not possible atm. There is definitely a feature request for that somewhere around here.

Thank you for the response, hoping for a change in the near future.