Can I reset my trial period?


First of all, thank you for offering a trial of Dorico. As of version 1.0.20, it’s not for me: the interface is too slow and the compatibility with MIDI files isn’t good enough.

I look forward to seeing what the program grows into!

When new versions are released, will I be able to try them? I’ve already activated the 30-day trial for version 1.0.20.

Same question here…
I can see that for an already matured product, having 30 days once is enough.
But in the current state of “great new things with each minor release” it would be nice to be able to re-evaluate each update.

Especially since I really plan on buying, but just not yet.

The way the trial system is set up, you can only have a single trial period on your existing Soft-eLicenser for the same version of the software, so in general the answer is no. However, we have been discussing this with the eLicenser team and what we plan to do is to issue a new type of license periodically, so that you will be able to install a new trial license on your existing Soft-eLicenser. When we come to the first significant update next year, we will bump the license type so that users who have already had a trial period will be able to get a new trial.

exactly my question as well. There are one or two useful new things in 1.0.20 but the playback engine is not yet in a state to be usable with VSL. For instance, although the legato patch is correctly selected, it doesn’t actually play back legato still (and the new lengthening of the note option doesn’t really help much). Like others, my trial will expire before the software for me can really be used and I would appreciate being able to come back to it when at least the basics are in place – by which time it should hopefully already be better than Sibelius.

Clearly the elicenser team are on the ball here and I’ll look forward to coming back to Dorico as soon as a new trial is available. Which also bring up the question of crossgrades. I seem to remember reading that the crossgrade will expire in March. Does this mean that we will by then have software which has less of a beta feel about it (and I don’t mean here in stability as Dorico is already quite stable on my windows 7-- it’s just there are still a few too many half-finished features for me)? The last way to create a good customer feeling would be to remove the crossgrade option before many feel the stage has been reached to be able to switch over. Or, if we do buy a still not quite finished product, will there be a guaranteed minimum period before you have to pay for any further updates?

I know, of course, that Daniel may not be able to answer all these questions at this stage. I’m thinking out loud more but it’s the thoughts that many others will be privately or not-so-privately thinking!

It is possible that the crossgrade offer will be extended, or that it will be reintroduced at a later date. We will make final decisions on this prior to the current expiry date, which is the end of March 2017.

We have already stated that we will release a number of updates free to existing users over the coming months, and although we cannot say with certainty when we will stop releasing updates to Dorico 1.x before we start working on Dorico 2, for which a modest update fee would be payable by existing users, it is likely to be towards the middle of 2017. And of course in the meantime you will have had the benefit of all of Dorico’s existing features, so it’s not as if you have paid for software and had nothing to show for it in the meantime. Only you can decide whether Dorico represents fair value for the price we are asking for it.

from what I can see, Dorico will cost much the same as Sibelius which makes it fair value in my book. And for those who don’t use the play engine side of things so much, it may well already be good enough to use in production. If it isn’t, then however good the existing features might be (and I am very optimistic about Dorico and like most of what I’ve seen), I see no point in buying it until it is.

Anyway, thanks for the additional info on the update path – it’s helpful.

Cool! Thanks for the responses, and thanks for working with the licencing company on that!

I have to stick with Finale for now, as I have projects to do, but I do see a lot of potential in Dorico! I’ll be looking for the next available (trial-accessible) update.

Thank you very much Daniel & team for considering an extention of Dorico 1.0.10 trial period some time in the new year.

In the meantime, I wish you, the Steinberg team, & your dear ones a very Merry Christmas & a most rewarding & successful 2017.

Merry Christmas & very happy New Year to all in the forum


I tried groove agent a while ago but didn’t get on with it at the time.

so today with the sale in place i decided to try demo again but no can do, activation code sais it’s already on my usb but I cannot see any expired demo there at all.

so the upshot is there must be lots of lost potential sales because of this 1 time demo rule.


The real shame is people bumping 1 year old threads to post off-topic whining about stuff that pretty much every other company does.