Can I revert to a previous verion of Cubase?

Hi, my familiarity with cubase 9.5 is a steep learning curve and I used to use cubase 5 a long time ago, I upgraded to the lasted to the latest and greatest edition 9.5 but wish to use either 5 or a previous version with less of a learning curve…how would I go about that? As I recall my education edition allowed me to use previous reiterations of cubase. Thanks, holo.

You use the installer and install the version you want - dead simple.

Thanks for your help. Where can I get the installer and do I just use my 9.5 installation key?

I never used the Steinberg Download Assistant software, so I am not sure if you can get CB 5 from it at the link I attached. But, if it is not, check your MySteinberg account to see if CB 5 is available there. The last option for CB 5 would be to contact support for a link to it.

Maybe a newer old version of Cubase (like CB 7) is available from the download assistant that would help you out.

My opinion… if you can use CB 5 you should be able to use the latest CB without issue. Just take a few days and poke around it. The general methods for recording stuff is the same.

Regards :sunglasses:

Thanks for your help Prock, I will try to get around the learning curve and get over it but at least I have an alternative now, thanks for your help. It’s probably the interface I don’t like and yes poke around and familiarise myself I will do just some of the sliders are so small on here, anyways. Cheers for the help.