Can I run a C6.5 project in C7 and have ASIO Guard?

I was reading in the C7 forum that apparently you can open C6.5 projects in C7 and ‘they will look and perform as they do in C6.5…’ Well, since I just got through with an imported SX3 project into C6.5 and experienced this type of thing, I am now wondering if I could open a C6.5 project in C7, have the look of C6.5, but then still be able to use the ASIO Guard function and maybe a few of the new plugins as well?

Has anybody tried this? I am thinking this may cause me to move into C7 sooner than later. :confused:

BTW, split, we were talking about the SX3 import and you mentioned the boring colors? Ha, one other thing that cropped up was the limited panner options in SX3. Wow, you don’t know what you have until it is gone!! :laughing:

You can open projects from Cubase 6.5 in the Cubase 7.

I didn’t try to use look of Cubase 6.5 in Cubase 7, and I have doubts about this. Do you mean, like to display old version of Mixer window? Why?

Hey there. Well yeah, use the 6.5 mixer in 7 but also have the newer internal features of 7. You ask why, well, if I like the 6.5 mixer, why not?

Would a Steinberg moderator perhaps answer this question?

I can’t actually remember what the panning options were in SX3, another senior moment perhaps :laughing: