Can I run Cubase 9 and Server 2012 R2

Has anyone run Cubase Pro on Server 2012 R2 or 2016 ?

I buy a Server with 196 Gb of Ram and 8 20 core processors from work

can I run Cubase on this or does it have to be windows 10 to use all this gear

I strongly recommend you to install Windows 10.

It might be possible to run Cubase on Windows Server, but it’s completely unsupported and untested so you’re on your own if you run into issues.
There’s very little info on the subject, so it’s probably a bad idea.

Can i run cuebase 8.5 on a server

hello everybody !! :slight_smile:
i just buy a bi xeon server i can’t install win 10 only widows server so… can i or not install cubase on widows server please

I have a Windows 10 running on Dell Poweredge R620 Dual Xeon 2650 v2, it is very stable and the only thing you need is to set the server bios for performance to avoid latency.
the Windows 10 configuration is similar to any desktop installation process.
For Dell servers, the drivers for Windows servers are compatible including the firmware upgrades.

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Hi Bro.

I have the same server as you. Where in BIOS do you change config to correct this latency ? Can you please give me some instruction ? Yet how did u manage to run Win 10 on this server as I can see it is not supported although I can see that it is supported for 2016srv which basically has the same kernel. Did you just install it from Booting USB like on regular PC or from Life Cycle option in BIOS?..I’m aware about the configuration to boot it from flash drive with option from BIOS, MBR etc…

I would really appreciate if you give me some screenshot from your BIOS setting and let me know how did you manage to install Win10 on it.


I can’t send the link here but you can google and find this document
The chart on page 6 shows how to configure the bios.
Feel free to contact if you have further questions

Wow man! That was a super fast answer. Yes I have more questions: how did u resolve the problem with Graphic card ? As built-in one is 32MB did u like insert some external one or you opened up a cover and install it into PCI E ? Did u have any trouble installing Cubase on Win10 on that server ? I’m actually doing it at this moment …installing Cubase12.

Thank you so much!!!