Can I run Nuendo 5 on my Macbook Pro?

I have forever used Nuendo 3,4 and now on 5 on my home PC.
Im I also able to intall Nu5 on my Macbook Pro? And use the same dongle from the PC and plug it into the Mac lap top?

Or do I need to but another version of Nuendo 5 that runs on Mac only?

Question is when buying Nuendo? Are thier 2 different versions?

1 for PC only and or
2 for Mac only???

Reason I ask is because I just bought the latest new Macbook Pro lap top which can come in handy for portable live recording sessions. Then I can take the work home and import files to my studio which runs Quad Core PC, RME 9652 Card, Apogee AD/DA 16X. And mix the tracks at my studio.

One version for both, Mac and PC. Same dongle is valid for both platforms.

Thats great news.

Thank you :slight_smile:

We use Nuendo 5.5 on several MBPs and it runs very well. The cpu usage is very little on recent generation machines, the largest issue is the heat, common on most laptops. If you’re doing sustained processing you’ll exceed the heat dissipation of the machine before you exceed the cpu limits.