Can I run Nuendo or Cubase on a tablet?

Question is in the title. Is that possible? Looking for an alternative to the PT app on an iPad.

Nuendo and Cubase have Cubase IC app on iPad for
remote control of your project if I got you right. Also there’s Cubasis app as standalone DAW on iPad.

Windows Surface - it’s a full-on pc that can function as a tablet

The Cubase IC Pro app is fantastic except for one glaring issue, the colors do not sync to your session. I have had a request for them to look into this on the Steinberg Apps forum for over a year, no response from Steinberg. Feel free to pop over there and bump the thread up, maybe if enough of us chime in the devs responsible will take a look. john

It doesn’t matter. My goal was to find a way to AVOID APPLE. Sine the IC Pro App went iPad only there was no incentive to get it. I can get the PT App FOR FREE and it will integrate with my Artist Series Hardware seamlessly. So, I’m getting a used 2nd Gen iPad with the PT App and control it from my MC Control.

I’ve been using a $200 Dell touchscreen laptop with Teamviewer. It works great for remote control of Nuendo anywhere in the studio. FWIW.

Now that’s an interesting idea! :sunglasses: