Can I run old Cubase LE 32 bit on same computer as new Cubase 9 64 bit?

Hello Everyone,

I recently installed Cubase 9 Artist and I have downloaded some great free VST plugins which load because they are 64 bit.

However, most free VST synths are 32 bit and I have downloaded even more of those, some promise to be amazing old 70’s synths, but I can’t try them out because Cubase 9 is too modern and won’t run them.

I have an old Cubase LE CD from about 10 years ago. Will I be able to install and run it seperately from the Cubase 9 Artist installation, or will installing it mess things up? I only intend running the LE version at a different time to Artist, just to get some sounds, to import midi parts and export wavs, to place them into my main Artist project if they sound like the old synths.

Is anyone else doing this? Presumably lots of people have favourite old VST synths they can’t use now. Should I get a different computer for 32 bit synths, running old software?

Hopefully the workflow of importing and exporting midi to different DAWs will work easily for this purpose, though I haven’t tried it yet.
Any advice gratefully received.


JBridge should allow you to run almost all old VST plugins flawlessly. It works way better than the old internal 32 bit bridge.

Thanks for that, I have no idea what JBridge is but I will find out! Cheers!