Can I safely Export To Pro Tools Yet?

Hello everyone,

Around 5 years ago I tried to edit a film in Nuendo and export it to Pro Tools to be mixed. It was a joke and created hell for me. It didn’t work. I sold the Nuendo licence.

So my question is, how is it working now? Can I edit/lay up a feature and export everything via AAF and have it open completely and safely in Pro Tools at the mix stage ready for mixing? I don’t want to be messing around with missing clips, missing track names, stereo tracks split into mono files and all the other nonsense and garbage. I just want it to open in Pro Tools in exactly the same way it appeared in Nuendo.

I’d really like to leave Pro Tools for good.

Thank you.

I can’t answer your question, except to say that now that Pro Tools is able to deal with stereo files, that part of it shouldn’t be a problem.


To put it blankly: It doesnt work the way you imagine and it will never work that way. And its not Steinbergs to blame…The systens are just too different.
It works nicely with raw data like Foley or ADR recordings. But as soon as you are editing and using all the nice tools in Nuendo you will do something that will not transport through AAF.
I have transfered a big Nuendo Session to PT this year, but it was tracks without Automation. No Offline Effects. No Mutes. Simple Clip Gain etc.