Can i save favortited patches/sounds for future catastrophes ?

hi all.

I’ve just spent hours going through all of the factory media presets. I’ve rated all those which i will be using, giving them a 4 or 5 stars.
Now… I’m just worried, that if my computer dies… and i have to re-install Cubase Elements 9.5, then i will lose all those ratings.
So far i have taken some screen prints of my favourites… but i’m wondering if i can put THOSE in a folder or whatever. I have chosen ones from Caleidoscope and some from Drum Loops… etc…
Any ideas on this one ?


For obvious reasons you need to get into the habit of periodically backing up your computer. But, you could just copy the user preset files to a USB stick and have those saved in case of a crash of some kind.

This link lists the file locations:

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Thanks for the info !. It wasn’t for a crash really… maybe i didn’t use the write words… I would like to have a list of all the instrument presets which i gave 5 stars too. I dont really need to backup the presets. unless there is a way to backup all my 5-star presets and load them back in when i upgrade my computer.

I did do a directory print of the instrument patches. I will highlight all the 5 star ratings i gave them and write a little note on how they would fit into my composing…
thanks again.

I believe when you rate sounds. Or when you check messages like please don’t ask me again and set sample rates.

All that information is saved in your preferences.
All you need to do is back up your Steinberg Cubase preferences folders in your computer.

And if you reset Cubase and delete your preferences
You will lose all your ratings, sample rate and and other preferences.