Can I set a key command to disable midi input?

I often work by having Cubase and Dorico open at the same time. I’m playing back audio and checking notes on the midi input in Cubase, but Dorico is also playing back sounds when I play. Currently to get around this, I have a muted instrument in Dorico and I have to be sure to remember to click on that before moving to Cubase. Is there a way to set a key command to toggle midi input on and off by chance?

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Amazing! Thank you!

well, annoyingly the command doesn’t seem to stay toggled off as I switch back and forth. I can toggle it off (using a key command) but as soon as I start selecting notes in Dorico and going back and forth with Cubase, thenDorico starts responding to the MIDI again.

Sorry… it worked for me! :man_shrugging: