Can I set Cubase to NOT change midi file names dragged from vender VSTs?

In other DAWs, I can drag a midi file from say, Addictive Drums (and the sort), into the project, and it retains the original file name given by XLN audio for that particular Addictive Drums midi groove.

In Cubase, all of the midi files I drag in from a virtual instrument, (that allows “drag and drop”), are getting renamed into the name of that particular track, for instance, I’m seeing that all of these individual midi files are re-named to simply say “AD2” instead of “Dry Beat 17 Hihat” or “Swing Fill L-1 13” (just to name 2 out of thousands within AD2).

My point is, it’s hard to keep track of where each midi file originated within Addictive Drums, when Cubase always re-writes every uniquely named midi file into whatever name I happened to name a particular track, for instance, ALL midi files in that entire track simply say “AD2”. This is annoying.

Is there a way to set Cubase to NOT overwrites the original names of Dragged in midi files into the name of whatever track I happen to be working on?

Preferences>Edit>Parts Get Track’s Name?

I actually thought that might work. It was un-ticked when I found it. I tried ticking it on and clicked apply. No difference so I ticked it back to off, clicked apply. Still no difference. It was worth a try though.

Preferences>Midi>Midi File> then simply;
Tick “Import Dropped File as single Part”
Un-tick “Auto Dissolve Format 0”
(theses are both set opposite by default)
Pretty damn easy!
And easy to reverse
So far I’ve successfully dragged vendor named midi files from;
Addictive Drums 2,
Slate Drums 4 and 5,
Strum Session 2
Midi file names intact!
In Addictive, they show up with both the Library name and the midi file name!
Neat and tidy!!