Can i set the metronome settings specific to a project?

Hi. I would like to have (for example ) 4 pre-bars in one project and two on another …
It seems like every Metronom settings I changed effects all projects . Can it be changed ?

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The Metronome Settings is global, sorry.

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There’s an easy and quick solution to this -

Project->Signature Track->Render xxx Click Between Locators

This prints your current metronome to an audio track, which is obviously saved with the project, and can be used almost as easily as the metronome.

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Thanks ! but that I guess doesn’t solve the problem of modifying how many count-in bars I need for every project.

My problem is … getting to my e-drums after pressing record … on a fast bpm project 2 bars are not enough. on a slower project… 4 bars are too long to wait

Might I suggest a Faderport sitting next to your drum kit. I use this in my home studio when I’m working on my own. A full set of transport controls right next to the kit!

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@tal.shachar20 you can use a fader port like KT66 suggested or a cheap option is to get a $10 wireless computer keyboard and press the * key to set cubase to start recording from your e-drums location.

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Thanks. I’ll check it out.
I have this cubase remote app on my Android but it’s terrible tbh

Aah - but the great thing about having the click pattern as audio is that you can now cut it, move it, copy it, mute it, adjust its level…

A great example is for when needing to drop in after a big tempo ramp or complicated signature section - you can just insert a few bars of simple click to get you in, that ignore the music before.

When you try it you’ll realise its way more flexible than any auto metronome.

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