Can I specify it playback within repeat signs a specified no. of times (without using actual repeat endings?)

I see in the manual you can change the number of playback times (I’m presuming) for when you use a “first ending” or “x. ending”, etc. But what if I just want an existing repeated section (encompassed by regular repeat bars) to play back 8x, etc. (as sometimes happens in jazz, without actually using endings (typically accompanied by some system text like “repeat 8 times” or “vamp until cue”, etc). Is there a way to do this? I was presuming I might highlight the right-most (left-facing) repeat sign and change something in Properties but am presuming “no dice” at present :slight_smile: (but do let me know with thanks!)

  • D.D.

I was looking for this option as well, could not find it though. So instead of using the repeat endings I wrote the passage out again. Would be great to be able to set the amount of repeats with a repeat bar line, yes.

No, as yet there is no way to do this, though it is planned for the future.

Repeat a specified number of times within regular repeat bars (not just endings) is important to me as well.