Can I still run Cubase Pro 11 after upgrading my license to Pro 12?

Hello there, my question is, whether I’ll still be able to run Cubase Pro 11 after I upgrade my Steinberg License to Cubase Pro 12? I want to be able to still open older Projects through Pro 11 to avoid any problems with the discontinued support for VST-2 plugins.
EDIT: I’m using a MacBook Pro M1, just in case that changes anything…

Thanks for your comments in advance.

You still need the USB-elicenser to run Cubase 11 or older versions.

VST2 is still supported on Cubase 12, only the M1 Macs are not supported in native mode.


so the license will still allow me to run Cubase 11? alright. And about the support for M1, i’m using one, does that change anything?

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Cubase 11 will run as it did before on M1 with the dongle. There is no change for Cubase 11 and how it works with the dongle.

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