Can I stop using Tabbed windows? Help?

I have been using Wavelab 6 on Windows for quite some time. I am Considering upgrading to Wavelab 8 but I cannot stand the tabbed windows. I have a demo of Wavelab 7 on my Macbook but have not used it at all cause I am finding it to be too cumbersome with the tabbed windows. I want to move to all Apple computers but the only thing holding me back and keeping me going back to Windows is Wavelab. I want just one window per clip that is resize-able and I can cascade windows like in the past. I cannot stand the blue/red color either.

Would anyone be able to point me in the right direction?

Thank you!

You can do this in wavelab, for audio files. Just double click on a tab.
You cant do that for montages.

Yeah, that does not work. I basically want a re-sizable box for one waveform on my screen. Not the overveiw and not attached to the menu bar I guess I would describe it as. Driving me bonkers being stuck in my ways.

Yet, this looks like what you’re looking for:

YES! How did you do that? Really I tried on my Macbook? Double clicking on the tab did not do anything?

As I told you. But this requires WaveLab, not WaveLab Elements.