Can I Sweep Pan From Left To Right?

I have Cubase Artist 9. I’m working on a project that has rain and thunder sounds. I want to be able to roll the thunder from left to right and back again. How do I do that in Cubase? Would auto pan be able to do that? If so, how? If there is somewhere I can get step by step instructions I would appreciate it, thanks.

Autopan can do that, though if you only want to do a sweep for a certain part of a longer track you should use track automation.

Right-click on the track you want to pan, select automation.
It by default shows Volume automation, so click on that and choose a panning automation (possibly named Standard Panner - Pan Left and Right).

Then you can draw in a curve on the automation track for the period of time that you want to be panned.

For example:

Adjust the amount and speed of panning according to your taste (height of the curve determines how left or right the audio is placed, width of the curve determines the speed of the pan).

You can also record automation by changing the pan amount control in real-time.

You might want to watch the following video on Automation in Cubase.