Can I Transfer a Download access code?


I want to know if it’s possible to transfer an old download access code to a friend. I am working on the Cubase Pro 11 but I first start with a free access code for Cubase AI, when I bought my mixer Yamaha MG12XU, and I will like to give it to my friend. He will practice on the AI and probably update in the future.
Thank you
Mario Leblanc

Only if it has never been used.

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If you upgraded from Cubase AI to Cubase Pro, then the Cubase AI licence no longer exists as it was replaced by the Cubase Pro licence.

As @steve says, you can only transfer a Download Access Code that has never been used.

You can transfer a used licence of Cubase AI via the usual eLicenser transfer process - you have to put it onto a USB eLicenser, which you deregister from your account so that your friend can register it on his account. However, it is almost certainly not worth the cost of a USB eLicenser to transfer a used Cubase AI licence - it would be more cost effective to buy a Cubase Elements licence.

If you transfer an OEM licenced product such as Cubase AI, you must also transfer the hardware the product was supplied with.

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