Can i transfer halion ratings to a second PC

can i transfer all my halion ratings to another computer?
what i would like to do is if i am going on vacation for a month, i would like to use my laptop, i think i have to deactivate my desktop version and activate on the laptop…. and then reverse that when i get home .?

Assuming you are using HALion 7, you do not need to deactivate one computer to use another - you can have up to three computers activated simultaneously on one licence. The only stipulation is that all the installations should be for your personal use - you cannot activate a second machine for someone else to use.

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So the ratings must be stored on this site , if I install my second copy to the laptop , the ratings would be also installed ?
Alternatively, I suppose when I migrate my Mac to a laptop, and load cubase , the program might ask me to sign in again (or worse)….

No, I don’t think they will transfer. It is possible that there is a file on the computer which has it, but I don’t know which one it is. It might be possible to copy+paste that file to do what you want… Someone else know about this?

ps. a work-around is to just take a screen-shot with patches sorted by rating, and it takes 2 minutes to transfer.

I have lots of 4 and 5s. Would be much longer than 2 minutes.
Maybe I’ll contact support on this

You could copy the whole preferences folder. Some of the files probably should contain the ratings.