Can I transfer my projects between Cubase versions?


I’m new to the recording world, and the Cubase world, I have a huge mountain in front of me, and I’m overwhelmed. I’m thinking this is the best place to find support, so I will start with my first question.

I bought a UR242 and Cubase Elements 8. I have Elements 8 installed on my PC at home, and I would like to install the copy of Cubase AI that came with the UR242, on my songwriting partners PC. Can I lay audio tracks at his house, with Cubase AI and bring them home to my Cubase Elements 8 to work on them, and continue to lay tracks? What is the best possible way to go about having the ability to seamlessly integrate our DAW’s so we can work on one project, back and forth between two locations?

Thanks for your time,


Hi and welcome,

See this chart, please.

In general, yes you can open the project. But be aware, the functions which are in Elements only, will not be applied in Cubase AI. For example if you have more tracks than supported in AI, these tracks will be played, but you cannot edit it.