Can I Transpose the Displayed Chord and Scale Names ?

Is it Possible to Transpose the Names of the chords played by the chord track, and leave the Midi played in orchestral tuning?
I want to practice a song with my saxophones, I aligned the chords along with the song.
I have to transpose the cords in my head (Good exercise also but…) I want them to be correct for the Sax
For alto The chord shout play a C but display an A etc … and for tenor it should display a D etc…


Once you select the Transpose Track event, you can transpose it in the Info Line of the Project window. Just move your mouse cursor over the Root Key and use mouse scroll wheel to transpose up or down. Or you can double-click and type the Root Key of the very 1st selected Chord event.


This also transposes the pitch of the played chords.
I correct it with the MIDI Modifiers on the HALion Sonic MIDI track,