Can I trigger the Flexphrase using Chord Track


Can I trigger the flexphrase in Halion 5 using chord track in cubase 8.5 pro?

Can someone suggest me how to set it up?

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Unless I am misunderstanding your question (and presuming you already have a patch in HALion which uses the FlexPhraser)…
Make sure that the Chord Track is set to “Use Monitored Tracks”, and then Record-enable (or Monitor-enable) the MIDI/Instrument track that is routed to HALion on the correct MIDI channel.
Whatever chords are in the Chord track should play HALion, and, if the FlexPhraser is active, it will play those chords, appropriately arpeggiated :wink:.

Right click on the flexphrase buttons and assign each to a note on your midi keyboard.
For example C6 and up. Therefore your lower octaves will play chords and upper will flexphrases.

But I don’t think you play them with chord track / pad unless you program the pad to include the additional flexphrases extra notes assigned.

Ah! :bulb: the OP meant triggering different FlexPhrases? You wouldn’t be able to add the trigger notes to the Chord Track, but you can still play/record the trigger notes manually (or you could record-enable a 2nd MIDI track, assigned to HALion (on the same MIDI channel, and trigger the FlexPhrases from there (while the Chord Track plays the actual chords)

I simply record or insert the notes on a separate midi track it keeps things simple.

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Thanks for your reply. I have created a chord track. I have also copied the chords to a separate instrument track created using halion 5 guitar patch. I am able to hear the arpigiated chord but it continues to play the last arpigiated chord even after the ending of chord notes length.

I am unable to figure out why it continues to play the last chord?

Should I delete the chord track once I copied the chords to a separate track?

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Well, if you are happy with the resulting chords (and you aren’t going to need the chord track at some later point), then you could indeed delete the Chord Track, but do you actually need to? (So long as the Instrument track exists, and you have the Chord track set to “Use Monitored Tracks”, the chords should already play the instrument, without needing to copy the actual chords onto the Instrument track).
But, as to your current question… In the FlexPhraser module, I’m guessing you have “Hold” set to “On”?

After you copy the chord track to midi. Mute the chord track.

OK Thanks, I did the same thing.




In reading the thread I thought it might be helpful to mention that placing an “X” on the chord track acts to mute the current chord – essentially creating a Rest within the Chord Track. :slight_smile:

If I move Chords from the Chord Track to a Midi Track, I often then Mute the Chord Track, or have the chords played by a different midi track.

(OT: I wish we could select which tracks the chords play on with tick boxes rather than just “monitored” or one selected track; better would be to select individual tracks regardless of monitor state)

Good luck.

A big “+1” from me too , on that :wink:

I’ll add a “feature request” on that at some point.

Vic., In thinking about this issue with how chord track is monitored and the limitations it has, have you tried something like the follow?

Create some instrument or rack tracks and then put all those into one folder, “the chords folder.” This way, in theory, I can have a set of instruments dedicated to playing chords in a single folder. Track Mutes, in theory, could then be automated, so the desired voices played at the correct times and were silenced at others, and, the entire folder could be muted and un-muted as needed. Workable? :question:

Well, without actually trying that myself (I’ll have a go when I have a bit of time :wink: ), I’m not exactly sure what the immediate advantage would be (other than “neatness” :wink: )… you can’t set the Chord track to specifically monitor the Folder Track (and its contents)… you’d still have to select one (and only one!) of the folder track’s contents to be monitored, and if the Chord Track were set to “Use Monitored Tracks” (and you monitor/record-enabled the folder track), if you had any other track, outside the folder, record or monitor-enabled, it would still “join the party”. As regards automating mutes, you could do that anyways, but at least it would be easier to see what you are doing if all the relevant tracks were inside a folder :wink:.

I gave it a test and you were exactly right – oh well. Maybe in some future version there will be a dedicated chord track button rather than how it is now. Thanks for your input, Vic. :slight_smile: