Can I undo Propagate Part Formatting

HI all,

Hoping someone can steer me out of a bind. I was messing around with Propagate Part Formatting in a project I was working on. Unfortunately , it didn’t propagate the things I wanted it to such as title font size and placement on the page of title and composer, but it did propagate things I didn’t want such as system breaks.
Is there a way to undo the Porp.Part.Form. that I did? And once I undo, is it possible to propagate the properties I would like?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Maxim, if you habe not re-saved the file you can undo your actions with control+Z [command+Z on Mac].
Concerning Title Formatting, you would have to go into Engrave Mode and modify your Masterpages or create new ones.

Notice that masterpages differ when dealing with full-score and parts…
You should modify the parts masterpages to make all the parts look the same, and there’s no way (yet) to copy settings from a full score masterpage to a part masterpage (as far as I know)

Thank you guys. Really have to get on the ball with learning about the Master Pages.