Can I undo Vari Audio?

There are a few topics like this, but I might not understand what they’re saying.
I’ve finished a few vocal tracks, de-essing, adding envelopes, cutting out silences, etc. The vocalist and another engineer used Vari Audio before my edits . Now she’s decided she wants to completely re-do the Vari Audio with the original tracks. Can I use the Media Pool to replace the clips that have been tuned with Vari Audio and still keep all of my edits? (I’m sure another non-audio solution has come to mind like it has to me…) Re-recording all the vocals is out of the question.
Any help appreciated!

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I ran into the same problem

I think it is necessary to put a history log independent undo redo for each separate section that can go back

but another solution u can bypass the vari audio
but if u want pitch correct again i dont know what the solution only bypass and turn it on again with the same previous edits try to bypass variaudio and copy the track to new track and re pitch from the begging

You should start working with track versions to keep your track history. I allways start with all recorded track lanes. Than I combine final track.
Do new track version again, aplly variaudio, do my edits. Bounce edited track to be able to do offline processing. This way you have 4-5 steps off your track edits and can go back anytime you need…

Thank you. Yes, I should and will!
Any solution for my current problem?
-Brian Wilson

Isn t it so that when you open variaudio editor and you simply select all analised events and delete them you get back your untuned file?

You just reset the changes using the Variaudio functions:

Obviously, if they’ve committed some of the changes to audio you may be out of luck.

Not sure what MIDI has to do with it. This is all audio recordings. The other functions are greyed out.

I think the solution is to export your tracks dry, but with your edits and send them back to the other engineer. And he can work again with Vari Audio also with your edits… or at least ask him to send you the Vari Audio new edits of only the parts they are not happy with, this way you have to redo the job only partially.

No-one said anything about MIDI(?)
You just reset the changes using the Variaudio functions as per the link I posted. i.e.:


Ha! Nice idea, but the other engineer is in Uruguay for 2 years. Thus…

Ah. Thanks. Still, the other functions are greyed out when I go to “functions”.

Are you sure there’s variaudio edits applied then? If you can’t reset them, then they can’t exist.

Which means that the audio you have in that project are most likely rendered audio files, and so hope they left the original ‘unused’ items in the pool?

In which case you’ll need to go through the pool manually and rebuild that way, I’m afraid. As for keeping your edits, it all depends what state and how the original clips align with those clips within your edited events.

I don’t know if you’re aware, but audio ‘events’ are timeline specific and related to your edits, and within those events are the audio ‘clips’ - so, it’s possible to replace ‘clips’ within ‘events’ maintaining your edits:

One other thing: Double check that track versions weren’t utilised, There may be the raw vocals hidden within there, too.

Thanks. Checking all of that out today. Appreciate it!

So…can’t drag a clip from the Media Pool as the manual says. Have to right click and select insert.
However, when I do that, my breath and envelope edits disappear. The event in the pool does seem to be the original event, not processed by Vari Audio, because it’s not in tune and the one I’m trying to replace in the project is sort of in tune. Different in any case. I’m a bit flummoxed (out of answers).

Looks like the right link, Ski, but the directions say to “click clip in pool, hold shift, and drop on event”.
If I hold shift, I can’t drag the clip. Any ideas?