Can I uninstall or deactivate vst connect?

My system is always offline and the vst connect search slows down the opening a lot. Is there any way to uninstall or deactivate vst connect?
Just remove the .dll ??


Don’t honestly remember why I did this now, but I have changed the extension of my vstconnect.dll to disable it.

So yes…rename, move or delete it.


Makes me wonder how much resources vst connect may be using for those of us who have no need of it?

I changed the extension.
Now Cubase loads faster and without any issue.
Assuming we live in an interconnected digital world, for those (i believe i´m not alone…) who still use cubase as a tape machine maybe it would be handy to switch off all conectivity (hub, connect, etc…) with one selection in Preferences…

Just thinking…

…and indeed the video module which also slows down loading if you’re not syncing to video whilst working in Cubase.

Unused components use no additional resources.

No they load in ram and use dll slots, which are limited on windows. It is even advised by Steiny, if you have the vst loading issue (with lots of plugins already loaded), to disable unused components.

Disabling them in Cubase alone will not reduce loading time, you would have to rename/move them to speed things up.
Been doing that for years, just remember to rename/move them back before updating Cubase.

I’ve never moved back any of the components I have removed before updating. Updates always replace them.

I had a problem once, but yes usually they get replaced.
I just don’t want to take the chance of giving advice that could potentially mess up an update later on :slight_smile:

Well you can disconnect the Hub in preferences - I don’t know whether this disables vst connect as well. However I have not had any issues loading Cubase.

I must admit renaming the dlls was something I used to do in earlier versions (8?) but 9 and 9.5 load so much faster I’ve not bothered this time.

Fair enough. Good policy.