Can I Update education version during this update sale?

Hi is it possible to update Cubase 9.5 pro education license to Cubase 11 pro during this update sale? Or can I do it only at full price?

In my experience upgrades (prices) are the same for all versions. The education deal gets your first key at a discount, from there you just run the upgrades (no special version or edu pricing that I know of).

Started with Cubase 7 and got the educator deal boxed with a few DVDs and the dongle from a dealer. Have run every upgrade since and am on version 11 now. I don’t recall the key on the dongle ever saying anything other than Cubase Pro (version).

So yeah, as far as I know, just buy the upgrade, they send you a number to punch into eLicenser Control, and it upgrades the key on the dongle. As far as I know, there is no educator discount for version upgrades.