Can I upgrade from Cubase 11 AI to 11 PRO

I downloaded Cubase 11 AI after purchasing my UR44C. I have since also purchased a UR816C and am awaiting delivery. I have noticed ‘Steinberg Cubase Pro 11 Upgrade from AI’ at a few dealers here in the UK. Does that upgrade path apply to me? I am asking because I have noticed you can purchase AI separately.

Yes, but you will need an eLicenser USB dongle for the Pro license. This will hopefully change in a few months.

Thank you Jorge. I was about to end up with two AI licenses, as I ran out of line outputs on the back of the UR44C. I will use it as my portable option and leave the UR816C in the rack. Plus I wanted to get the Pro version so it was starting to look like an expensive error. Until I saw this Pro upgrade path. Thank you again I will be ordering it today.