Can I upgrade Kontakt 5?

I have the latest Cubase 8.5 on a MAC. The version of Kontakt 5 bundled with Cubase is ,can I upgrade to the newer Kontakt 5 which is 5.5.2 ? Is that possible to do in this version of Cubase?
Any thoughts will be appreciated.


Thats what I got 5.5.2 and it works very well in Cubase. But I dont see a big difference with 5.3 (other than this library needs 5.5 to work… ) but beside that its the same Kontakt for the rest

Huh…Cubase is not bundled with any version of Kontakt?

When I upgraded to Cubase 8.5, Kontakt 5 was already in it. I will upgrade as I want some newer libraries.


You must have already bought it.

Kontakt Player?

I see that now it is called Komplete 8. I logged into Native Instruments website and it turns out I am entitled to an upgrade. I will try that.


at the moment were at komplete 10, I think it will be a few months then hopefully komplete 11 will be there :slight_smile:

But for the record, you have purchased komplete 8 some time ago, and I guess it didn’t come bundled with komplete 8 ?

Right, Cubase 8.5 just supplies Kontakt 5, but now I have upgraded it from the Native Instruments site to version 5.2.2. For some reason I missed doing that earlier. All is well now.

Komplete would definitely come bundled with Komplete. Otherwise it would be inkomplete :open_mouth:

Right, Cubase 8.5 just supplies Kontakt 5

You’re wrong…Cubase 8.5 does not supply any version of Kontakt, Komplete or any other Native Instruments product.
Maybe you bought it or maybe it’s the free player version…I doubt we’ll ever know.

Can you forgive me the type :laughing: error?