Can I Upgrade my Cubase LE 1.08?


I’ve been using the Cubase LE 1.08 that came with my Presonus Inspire for a few years. I am interested in upgrading.

I am wondering:

  1. Can I upgrade for free?
  2. How do I upgrade?
  3. Will the upgrade affect my current projects? Will I still be able to open and edit them in the new version? I’m afraid to upgrade while in the middle of a project.

Gary in Vermont

1.) Nope
2.) You buy an upgrade key from the Steinberg store or any other retailer that carries them. This will transform your current license into a higher license so you can run the upgraded product. However, there is no upgrading from LE 1, LE 4 is the oldest version that can be upgraded from.
3.) Usually Cubase is backwards compatible, but changing from LE 1 to any version 6 will probably pose some difficulties. Generally it is advised you finish projects before moving to another version.