Can I upgrade to pro 13? How much it will cost me?

I bought Auident ID 4 and I got cubase LE 13. I want to upgrade cubase pro 13. Is it possible? If so how much it will cost me? Should I do it from official website or from any official online distributer?

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Yes, it is possible. There is a sale for all updates and upgrades right now. Therefore the use costs 350€ at this moment.

Thank you for your advice. But what is the process to do it? I can’t find any video in YouTube.
If I want to buy cubase 12 pro how to do it? Can I upgrade from cubase LE 13 to 12 pro ?


You cannot buy Cubase 12 anymore. Only the latest version is always available.

Go to, click to Cubadr and then click on Buy Cubase. Select the upgrade and click on Buy button.

Click “Buy Cubase” from
Then select the version you want, Pro. That takes you to the following screen where you specify which version you’re upgrading from. See the screen cap in this link

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