can i use 2 elicense dongles??

sorry if this topic has been cover before, did a quick search of forum but could not find one!!!

Basically i was wondering if i could buy a spare elicenser and register it…
I mainly write my music at home on my desktop but when my band rehearse i take my laptop and use that so i was hoping that i could purchase a 2nd dongle and keep it in my laptop bag and keep the original plugged into my desktop… would make it easier plus if i lost the dongle whilst out rehearsing or giggingthen i would be stuffed…

thanks for any help


You’d need two licenses… one for each dongle.

No, this is not possible.

ok guys, thanks for the help… guess im just going to have to be extra careful when i travel

Although you can’t have two dongles with the same licence on it, you could still have a second dongle and in an emergency if you lose or break the working dongle you are able to activate the spare dongle with Steinberg Zero Downtime. This is meant to get you up and running again until you can replace your original activation.

Depending on the capabilities you need in each environment you could have one dongle with Pro on it and a second with Elements or Artist. You’d still need to purchase 2 licenses, but you could save some money if one of them was a more limited version of Cubase.

Or render what you need for rehearsals in Cubase. Then use Audacity (free) with that audio at rehearsals.

When I travel with my dongle (not often) I have it attached to a USB extension cable. Then I wrap the dongle end in a sock for protection.