Can I use 2 seperate dongles for a single Cubase licsence?

I use cubase to do everything in my recording studio, I’d like to use cubase at home too. I know I could just bring the dongle with me, but I’m concerned that if one day I forget the dongle at home, I’d be so screwed up when I’m in the studio.

Is it possible that I purchase an addition dongle and have the same license in 2 separate dongles? So I can use cubase at both places with no worries.

Of course not. Steinberg provides Zero Downtime though, for eventualities like losing your key.

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Why of course? Not obvious to me.

Because that is the equivalent of you paying for 1 license, but getting 2 independent licenses out of it. Even if you super-promise to only use one at a time, nothing would prevent simultaneous use of both dongles. Or even selling one dongle/license to someone else.

Why can’t they make it like pro tools that only one of the dongle/license can work at a time?
Heck, Logic doesn’t even need a dongle. FL only requires your account and password. It’s 2021 now, why are we still stuck on a license system that’s so outdated and a pain in the ass?

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