Can I use a 16 bit sound card?

Hello masters,

If I do a mix on an RME at 24 bit 44.1 and into the same project I switch to another audio card that is 16 bit 44.1 so I can listen the mix on PC consumer speakers (this one: Behringer U-Control UCA222) will I have any problem during the playback? (one card and project are 24 bit, the other is 16 bit)?

Ty :ugeek:

Not a problem.

I would work in 32bit float in the old days when I had no access to a 24bit audio interface.
Don’t know if anything changed since then, but 24bit files could not be played on a 16bit interface, 32bit float could.

Two very opposite feedbacks here, one is positive another negative.
Can we reach a common view?

Thank you.

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DO you really need another soundcard just to connect computer speakers…you can’t find a spare out on the RME or use the headphone socket??

check what im saying, but I think when playing back 24 or 32 bit floating point files, in a 16 bit card, the extra bits in the audio signal are ignored
(or truncated down) to 16 bit for playback.

ie, the extra 8 or 16 bits are still there in the sound files, but are not represented in the output audio.

please correct me if im wrong about this. spaceman