Can I use a UR824 and a CI2 at the same time?

When I got my UR824, there was a promotion that if you buy a UR824, they will refund you $100 dollars or give you a Steinberg CI2 for free, and I chose the Steinberg CI2, and I think its going to arrive next week.

But I have a few questions: If I want to try the CI2 in the same laptop where I have the Tools for UR824 installed, should I install the TOOLS for CI2/CI2+? Or it will work just fine with the same Yamaha usb driver of the UR824?

Because I think that the usb driver it´s the same, just the other tools are different, like the CI2 that has the AI Knob function to control Cubase, so if I don´t install the Tools for CI2 I won´t be able to use the AI Knob functions (I don´t really care too much about that) if it works ok with the same usb driver, I´m ok, but just in case that I do need to install it, could it be a problem with the Tools of the UR824??? I just don´t want to mess the system.

And the last question: is it posible to use both units at the same time, like for example: have the 8 channels of the UR824 plus the 2 channels of the CI2 and have a total of 10 channels to record at the same time?

Thanks in advance.

That all depends on the driver you use. I highly doubt that the Tools line of drivers will allow you to operate multiple devices simultaneously, although the Tools for CI seems to support the UR units and vice versa.

You can definitely use them simultaneously if you use the ASIO4ALL driver.
Of course, you won’t get as good of latencies with this one, but that’s only when you’re using both devices.

As for how this may affect the AI knob, I have no clue. If the CI is sending MIDI info via USB, I’m sure you’re still in good shape no matter the audio driver.

Thanks for the comment Bane, and yes, by doing some reading on the Steinberg site, I think that the AI knob works without any driver installation. What I was really interested to know is about using both units at the same time, and thanks, I will try with the Asio4all drivers