Can I use Arranger Track with Voice Over?

I want to write some music under a voice over.
Is there a way to use the arranger track without effecting the voice over audio track,
so that I can experiment with the arranger track until I get the right sections under it
to sound right?

Every time I try it also makes the voice over track part of the arrangement.
Is there a way to select which of the tracks are part of the arranger sections
and leave others uneffected playing linearly?

I tried to lock it, place it on top and arranger track underneath, doesn’t do what I want.

Has anyone had any success with that?
How would you write to video if that can’t be ignored?

If it’s not do-able, it should be something that Steinberg should consider, probably a simple thing to do.

el profe

You can’t do that… Every track follows the Arranger movements, no exceptions.

Nice idea though, to have it somehow.

I think that Steinberg should allow us activate multiple projects at the same time. This would give a good solution. Each timeline would follow it’s own course and it’s own tempo then. (Or put multiple project windows into a single project.)

Would also be rather good for working on video where you’ve got a collection of different cues at different tempi which overlap… Ooh, I’d like that to be possible!!


DP implements this this “Chunks.” and “Sequences”.

Cubase had a similar concept back in the VST days (2000).