Can I use company licence of Cubase on non-company hardware?

Hello, I have a purchased licence of Cubase 10.5 Pro on a dongle. Its purchased by a company I work for, and I use their PC as well. Now I´m relocating to a different Country for a couple months, so I´m bringing my personal laptop so I can continue working on company audio projects. Is my licence allowing to use the Cubase as a software purchased by a company, on a PC which is not a company property, as it´s my personal equipment, for a company projects?
I couldn´t find any email contact appropriate for such question anywhere on steinberg webpage.
I couldn´t find any info about this anywhere in FAQs, Forums, or my license terms and conditions.
I´m asking for a link, or qualified reaction I can safely take as if followed, I do everything legally and correctly.
Sidenote: the license is of course paid, official, full, pro, so I didn´t expect to be of an issue to use on any PC or laptop as far as it´s always me using it with my dongle. But I was told it actually might be an issue, therefore I´m looking for some official confirmation. Any hint getting me closer to the answer will be appreciated.
Thank you!