Can I use Cubase 5 AND an upgrade to vers. 6 as TWO versions

I bought Cubase 5 when it was first out. I would now like to upgrade to version 6.

In doing so can I then use both versions on two different computers? (I have two USB Licencers at the moment)

My son likes composing music too on his laptop as I do on mine and this would be a good solution - if possible.

Is it possible?




Yes, but not at the same time.

Thanks for your reply, but that begs another question. If the computers are apart from one another and not connected to the internet then how will they “know” when the other one is active?

My two options are to get the upgrade or just buy my son a cheaper, say, new Cubase 6 Elements version instead.

I have another USB eLicenser from purchase of Nexus 2 and currently we are using that with the Cubase 6 Elements 30-day trial download.

Any further clarification would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Your upgrade doesn’t give you another license. You’ll still have only one license after the upgrade, and that can’t reside on more than one USB-licenser, no matter how many USB-licensers you have. Your Cubase 6 license includes the license for Cubase 5 and several other versions, so you can use several version on the same comp.

If you want to use cubase 5 and Cubase 6 at the same time on two different comps you’ll need two licenses.

OK, thanks for all your help in making it clear.

Have a nice day. :smiley: